Fence Brackets: Repair with Stur-D Fence


Instead of replacing your entire fence, or trying to repair rotten, broken or leaning posts  . . .  save time and energy (not to mention money) with a simple 30 minute installation (per post) of Stur-D Fence Brackets.

These ¼” powder-coated recycled steel brackets connect to your existing fence post and, when anchored in concrete, provide a long-term solution to support the weakened post base. Your fence is restored to its upright position where it belongs.

Stur-D Fence Brackets is the only solution that works on 4″x4″, 4″x6″ or 6″x6″ posts. They also work on round wood farm fencing, pergola uprights, gates – most any post upright that needs fixing or reinforcement.

With Stur-D Fence Brackets you don’t throw any old, used concrete in the landfill . . . you don’t attempt to recycle your damaged fence . . . you keep your existing fencing intact . . . It is truly the green answer to fence post repair.

 Look for this sticker to ensure you’re buying genuine Stur-D Fence Post Brackets™:

genuine fence repair sticker Stur-D Fence Post Brackets


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