DIY Installation Notes & Video

NOTE: Please follow the directions below to ensure proper installation or you may end up with less than optimal results.

ALWAYS check with your local utility provider before installation by dialing 811.  Know where your sprinkler lines are located as well as anything else that may be buried along the fence line.

  • Clear the area around the post.
  • Using a post hole digger, create an 18″- to 19″-deep hole, centered 6″ from the fence post.
  • Align the three-hole portion of the Stur-D Fence Post Bracket to the fence post, and the one-hole portion of the bracket into the dug hole.
  • Drill three holes in the post using the Stur-D Fence Post Bracket as a guide. Insert 2-1/2″ x 3/8″ lag screws & tighten securely.
  • Using 1″ x 3″ x 8′ boards as stakes, brace the fence post in a vertical, level position. Fill one-third of the hole with water & add a 60 lb. bag of quick concrete, stirring until thoroughly mixed. Bring the concrete level with horizontal portion of the Stur-D Fence Post Bracket™. Allow time for the concrete to set before removing the support braces.
The Stur-D Bracket revolutionizes fence post repair.
 Click here for an installation video

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